Huminah Huminah Interactive is a third-party game developer specializing in 2D flash, 2D/3D Unity games, iPhone, PC/Mac, Xbox360, Wii and DS games. HHI grew as a separate division from Huminah Huminah Animation Studio.

Being located in Nova Scotia, Canada makes us one of the most affordable places to produce quality graphics, programming and games worldwide due to government incentives, which we pass on to our clients.

Company Background

Our 40 person production team is fully equipped to meet the demands of your project - From pre-production to post-production, using experience garnered in extensive IP development.
Est. 2006
Philosophy: "Hard working, good looking production"
We specialize in work for hire, but have been expanding into original development for the past two years through PC/Mac and iPhone game development.

Regional Location

Near-shore operations located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. This gives us two major regional government financial incentives that allows us to pass significant savings on to our clients and their project budgets.

Bang for Your Buck

We never sacrifice quality for price. Our uncompromising perfectionism for our work stays just as high as other first class studios in the U.S.